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Reiki & Energy Work

The term ReiKi (pronounced Ray Key) is a generic Japanese word meaning universal life force or spiritually guided life force energy.


I was attuned to the Masters level by Marsha Craven on August 1st 0f 2010. Marsha is a fifth generation master. She has direct linkage to Mikao Usui, the modern rediscoverer of the ReiKi symbols & energy link to mind, body and spirit.


Dr. Usui incorporated 5 principles to strengthen his philosophy:

- Just For Today, Do Not Worry
- Just For Today, Do Not Anger
- Honor Your Parents, Teachers and Elders
- Earn Your Living Honestly
- Show Gratitude To Everything


The benefits of ReiKi are:

- It is an intelligent energy which goes to the
  areas of greatest need
- It releases accumulated daily stress
- It heals or eliminates effects of imbalance in
  mind - body - spirit - It can be combined with
  other  healing methods
- It does not interfere with medical treatments
- It enhances medications and quickens healing
  time- It reduces the need for anesthetic


What ReiKi is not:

- It is not a religion, dogma or cult and does not
  conflict with religious belief
- It is not the “laying on of hands”, it works
  whether or not one believes in it
- It is not mind control or hypnosis
- It is not dependant on a certain state of mind
- It is not imagination or wishful thinking
- It is not just for when one is ill
- It is not limited to a select few people
- ReiKi cannot be taught be just anyone or only
  one organization


I have discovered this timeless energy again. I was first introduced in massage school, but did not pay attention to the special values of this belief system.


I am fully invested in the concept that all healing comes from within. The intelligence of our remarkable bodies can heal us of most of our dis-ease. Medical intervention is sometimes required and can be a very useful tool in our life’s journey.


I believe that I can be used by the body to attract the energy to assist in a mind, body , spirit correction of most things that ail us. I am deeply humbled by my introduction this life giving force.


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